3D kev is run by Kevin Koekkoek,  a London based  maker/designer.

Kevin is interest in how digital 3D technology can be used for traditional making processes, such as ceramics, jewellery, glass and other forms of fine art.

Kevin offers several services for the traditional maker and artist, that wants to make use of the following technologies for there work:

-3D printing.
-3D scanning.
-Computer generated visualisations.

The services can be from CAD work, project management or one-to-one training.

Kevin has worked with ceramic artist, jewellery makers and sculpture artists as clients.
Kevin also works part time as a 3D making technician for a London based Art and Design university.

Feel free to contact Kevin for a (virtual) coffee to say hello on:
Twitter @3dkev.
Artstation ThreeDeeKev.